Our Story

Embark on a culinary journey that bridges the vibrant flavours of India and Pakistan at Khanabadosh. Our menu is a heartfelt celebration of the shared gastronomic heritage of these neighbouring nations, offering dishes that are steeped in authenticity and tradition. As a haven for non-vegetarian enthusiasts, every bite at Khanabadosh promises a taste that’s both nostalgic and rich in heritage. Among our diverse offerings, the Tandoori Chicken and Seekh Kebab stand as iconic masterpieces, each echoing the smoky allure of tandoors and the age-old artistry of kebab-making. These dishes have not only garnered acclaim but have also etched their place as crowd favourites. At Khanabadosh, we invite you to savour the essence of two nations united by their love for food. Dive into a world of flavours where every dish tells a story of tradition, passion, and culinary excellence. Your voyage through the best of India and Pakistan’s culinary landscapes begins here.

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