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Dive into the dynamic world of Ballers Bar, where the essence of India meets the thrill of the game. Our menu boasts a unique array of Indian-inspired cocktails and mocktails, each concoction masterfully blending traditional flavours with modern mixology. The “Rajasthan Rose” stands as a testament to our innovative spirit, a drink that has quickly become a crowd favourite, encapsulating the elegance and vibrancy of India in every sip. But Ballers Bar is more than just a haven for drink enthusiasts. It’s also the ultimate spot for sports aficionados. With live games broadcasted continuously, patrons can immerse themselves in the excitement of the match while savouring the best of Indian-inspired beverages. Whether you’re here to celebrate a victory, enjoy a drink, or simply soak in the electric atmosphere, Ballers Bar offers an experience that’s both exhilarating and distinctively Indian. Cheers to the game, the drinks, and the spirit of Ballers Bar! Your seat at the epicentre of sports and spirits awaits.

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